Since today, we go one step further in sustainability, reinforcing our commitment, both with our team and with society. The scenario requires new challenges, and that is why we want to position ourselves at the forefront of what our customers and society demand, committed to solar energy as a renewable source for the daily development of our activity.

Photovoltaic plant

In collaboration with engineering company E4e Soluciones (, we have implented a photovoltaic self-consumption plant in each of our facilities, which will make us a reference in the sector, as well as a pioneer in a project of such magnitude, strengthening us as a leading company committed to the environment and the challenges of Agenda 2030.

The installation of solar panels for self-consumption is a commitment in our involvement towards a new energy scenario. Thus, we contribute our part in cooperating in the construction of a greener future. Photovoltaic panels will reduce annually up to a total of 78.28 tons of CO2 that are emitted into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the planting of 5,308 trees.

Our way of understanding the world

Since 1979, we have been committed to offering the best service and making our customers more competitive. Since then, with much effort and work, we have managed to position ourselves and become a reference in the sector. Today we compete on the market at the highest level in tasks such us design, manufacture and assembly of mechanical and electronic elements of equipment.

We assume this investment as an exercise in internal and external responsibility. On one hand, those of us who are part of our Cooperative feel that we are humbly collaborating with the future that we want to leave to our future generations and on the other hand, generating a great positive social and environmental impact on our surroundings.

In our more than 40 years of activity, we follow a line of development that is flexible and adjustable to each economic and social context, showing our commitment and awareness of the environment.

With this project, our way of understanding the world and our clients is reinforced. We treat our clients’ projects as our own, ensuring quality solutions to a wide range of sectors such as telecommunications, electronics, electromedicine, transport, aeronautics…as well as all those that require precision sheet metal work.